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  2. NastyStevie

    Minecraft Server

    Must sign in to download FeedTheBeast.exe Modpack is called feed the beast Revelations. Alternative: Open your Twitch App and search minecraft in the mods tab and download it then in the tab called browse FTB Modpacks download the Modpack is called "feed the beast Revelations" Send myself your minecraft name on steam or discord and I'll then give u the ip to the server.
  3. WorthlessJ

    Game Giveaway Update!

    Camarilla Gaming is hosting a holiday giveaway for the months of October, November, and December! NastyStevie and I are giving out game keys to 14 winners, 3 each month(9), and 5 for Christmas to celebrate the holidays this year! How to enter giveaway: Join the Camarilla Gaming discord, and like the post by NastyStevie in the #game-giveaways chat to enter the raffle. Players must remain in the discord so we can add a special tag to keep track of raffle participants. Exiting the discord group removes the tag, and your raffle chance. Discord link is included below. Winners choose from a predetermined list of games. Game keys are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unlike all other keys in the list, Overwatch grants both keys so you can gift a copy to a friend. Keys marked red are only available on the final giveaway. Discord Link(Doesn't work in Firefox, paste in discord): https://discordapp.com/invite/6JpZGNc Link to Game List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nDbaPJXVzK1ySBgb4Bl216wn_8AkMNlDWM_-qyhA7Is/edit#gid=0 Server news: All servers: Now have easy to remember links instead of full plain IP addresses to join with! Discord, Website, and Steam Group links updated. More website work completed. Small stuff :). Gmod: Added ULX including custom HTML MOTD and chat adverts. Created map rotation with modest selection. Custom weapons, player models, and slightly enhanced user interface. Additional minor QOL improvements. Sven Co-op: Fixed stability bug that was causing server shutdowns. Map work is currently postponed, all non-vanilla maps have been removed from the server for a few weeks now. Fast-DL hurdles need to be dealt with. Potential fixes slow but in the works. On the positive side, I have already found a way to edit entities in map .bsp files . This can be used to fix/remove troll-like features on certain maps without requiring a map re-download, as the changes are server-side. KF2: No changes, all 3 servers going strong!
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