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    Server Updates May- Big Updates

    There are a large amount of new updates across the servers this week. Gmod TTT Server: These maps will be added to the map rotation: ttt_glacier ttt_gameboyadventure ttt_scpfoundation The server will also be getting: "Goomba Stomping"- You can jump on other's heads to kill them "Golden Gun"- We will be adding a golden gun for Detective which will 1 hit kill, however if you shoot an innocent with it you die. KF2 Servers: This week the KF2 servers received 24 new maps, which can be found in the list below: Two KF2 servers will be retooled into different gamemodes in the near future, one "mutated" server with custom weapons and some mutators, one "classic" server that will run the KF1 Classic Mutator. If you experience problems with the FastDL not downloading maps on the KF2 servers, please report which maps do not download on discord or Sven Co-op Servers: The Sven Co-op servers also received 18 new map series, a total of 148 new maps. List Below: *Note* CyberSpy is a remake of PostalX and that map will be removed Please allow one day for all of these updates to apply across all servers, the servers only restart when they are empty, outside of their normal mid-week restarts. GMod server update will be within the next few days.
  3. What is LinuxGSM? Linux Game Server Manager is a script to manage game servers on Linux with a large amount of features. I personally use LinuxGSM to manage Camarilla Gaming's Servers. Note: Please refer to the LinuxGSM discord for support. Guide to running servers on Linux, using LinuxGSM. To see if your game is supported by LinuxGSM, check here. I recommend Ubuntu 18.04. If you wish to use another Linux distro, make sure it is supported by checking the corresponding game server page on the LinuxGSM website. If servers will be on personal computer, use the computer's command line and file manager instead of Putty and FIlezilla. Terms: Shell: The interface, or command line you type into to send linux commands. SSH: Secure Shell, how you connect to the remote server from your home computer. FTP: File Transfer Protocol, used to transfer files. Root: Superuser that has access to everything on linux Tools: Putty: SSH program, used to send commands to the server. ... atest.html Filezilla: FTP program, view and transfer files to the server. Notepad++: Text editor, has many useful features. Connecting to Remote Server with Putty and Filezilla: Find the following information: Server IP address, username and password. In Putty, type in the IP address, port is 22, toggle SSH on, and type a name into Saved Sessions box, and press save. This will save your server information. Press open to open up the command console, type in the username and password. Text can be copied by highlighting, and can be pasted by moving the insert bar and right clicking the console. Filezilla uses the same information to login as putty, logins can be saved by going to FIle->Site Manager in the filezilla program. Installing LinuxGSM: Find your specific server in this list- LinuxGSM Supported Game List, and follow the install directions on it’s page. After this the server should be installed and ready to go. Change start parameters in /home/user/lgsm/config-lgsm/servername/servername.cfg settings can be copied and edited from default.cfg Server files are under /home/user/serverfiles/ List of server commands Creating Automated Tasks with Cronjobs: LinuxGSM Guide to cronjobs File Permissions If you add new files as root they will be owned by root and LinuxGSM will detect this and will tell your which files are not owned by the gameserver user. This command will recursively set file permissions on every file in a directory to a specific user. Chown -R username:username /home/username File ownership explained here: LinuxGSM Guide to File Ownership and chown command General advice: NEVER share your root user login details with anyone! If you want other people managing gameservers, give them logins to non-root user accounts. More Secure And Easier Login: DigitalOcean Guide to SSH Keys
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    CS:S Server Information

    Camarilla Gaming CS:S Jailbreak Server Connect to CS:S Jailbreak How to connect in-game: Open dev console in-game with "~", type in connect
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