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  • Why is there a donation section? You didn't have one for the last 5 years!

    We are looking to ease the cost of hosting and allow us to put out more special servers. Up until this point we have been paying fully out of pocket because we hate playing on servers where players are able to pay money to buy admin and get a free pass on anything they might do. That's why we don't have donations.

    What do I get for donating?

    Currently nothing, if you have an idea of something special we can do for donators, whether it's server specific rewards or otherwise let us know! If you want us to implement some special features server-side we can look into it, it's definitely a possibility on all the servers we host. We can also make a GOAT board for top donators if there is enough interest.

    What is the money used for?

    In total we spend roughly ~$1000 on server costs annually, or ~$83 dollars a month. With how many servers we host and players we have on our servers every month, this is actually super cheap and we're proud we can have the cost that low. We've hosted up to 20 servers at once full of players on the current hardware with no issues(not including a specific KF2 HDD destroying issue, thanks tripwire).

    Server: ~600 USD Annually

    Website: ~200 USD Annually

    Software: ~200 USD Annually

    What is the money not used for?


    We run 2-3 giveaways a year, usually around summer and the holiday season. This will continue to be out of pocket from us.

    Non-Server Related Things:

    We will not be spending the money on non-server related issues. Seriously.

    How much should I donate?

    That is completely up to you! The best way to donate would be to set up automatic donations. If just 20 of the thousands of players who play on our servers every month donated $5 a month we'd be in the green. If 20 players donated 10 dollars a month we'd be able to set up more custom content on servers.

    What happens if you meet your donation goals?

    We are going to use the excess money and time to find people who can specifically:

    GMOD- Knows their way around lua scripting and managing .gma packages to enhance the TTT2 server

    KF2- Knows how to implement custom mutators

    Insurgency- Wants to create the best darn insurgent shooting gallery on the game RUSH A

    CS:GO- Can actively update and maintain the existing sourcemod plugins

    Sven Co-op- At the minimum has time to figure which maps broke with every new patch, ideally knows how to ripent maps because they broke so many this time

    And just generally help out with other servers.

    Can I still request new servers?

    We had a guy ask us, LITERALLY ASKED US STAIGHT UP, for a NSFW porn server on KF2 because the one they were playing on was blacklisted. We had to say no to that one. Otherwise: