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For starters, while we don't use the forum very often, everyone mostly uses discord and private chats , I should be posting news here more often.

Server News:

I have fixed the issues on the KF2 server, custom maps should correctly rotate now. In addition, the MOTD is now fixed on all 3 servers. Other than that all 3 servers have been performing admirably and consistently hit into the top 20 servers- AWESOME. I should be adding more maps in the near future.

We are going to be bringing back up 2 CSGO servers very soon, one custom maps server, and a minigames server.

We have been hosting a private feed the beast Minecraft server for about half a year now, and I am talking with nasty about advertising it and opening it up to more people. TBD

The Sven coop server has been going strong even though it's only vanilla, which is great to see.

We are currently hosting a 7 Days to Die server, depending on interest it might stay up. Hot.

The TTT Gmod server has been on hold for a long time, and will remain so until all other server tasks are finished.

We recently upgraded our server box. If there is a server you want hosted, PM me on discord.

Community News:

Camarilla Gaming is now a proud sponsor of LinuxGSM, an easy to use tool for managing game servers on linux!

Looking For Admin:

Once the CSGO servers are online we will be needing admins, especially now game is F2P. If you wish to become an admin, please message me privately on discord.



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