Server Updates Dec 14th


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KF2 Servers:

Wrote an automated script to overwrite map cycles every update. This should fix servers reverting to normal map cycles every update.

Sven Co-op Servers:

Looked into installing a noblock/semiblock plugin, soon(tm). Found some problematic maps and removed them from rotation. Started work on a new mapcycle that prioritizes the good maps over bad or boring ones. Takes some time to play them all :). Found out the servers are missing Sven Viking maps and re_awakening, these should be added within the next few days.

CS:GO Minigames/Funmaps:

Fixed a problem with players keeping guns after match end on some maps when they're not supposed to. Added a plugin for individual map configs. Started fine tuning servers to allow fluid bhopping.

Other Servers:

CSS, CS 1.6, UT99, and Minecraft servers have been installed but not made public. Soon(tm). I need to find maps and setup FastDL for CSS and CS 1.6, find a suitable modpack for Minecraft, and just need to test UT99 before I make it public. Cheers!

Website visual update:

Finally, I finally had time to finish the look of the website and fix a lot of small problems around it. Progress shown below:


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