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Big Ol' Text update today:

There are now 2 Insurgency servers:

Big Lads ISMC - ISMC Legacy as Blufor

Big Papas ISMC - ISMC Legacy as Opfor 

Just played a few matches on Big Papas with the server full- It was awesome! However, with 30 bots vs 12 little blufor's its a clusterfuck, next server update is bringing the botcount down to 20 on both servers, also adding Improved AI to make the bots less headshotty from far away and more deadly up close, among other balance changes.

The mod that forced AI to actually enter objective areas instead of standing in doorways is currently broken, and looks like it will stay that way for a while, NWI changed enough to totally break this one. Big oof.

2014 Maps were slightly broken with the latest game update. I removed them, this will help keep the download size down anyway. ISMC decided they were going to 1/5 their mod size from 6GB down to a little over a GB with some texture size reductions so that's pretty sweet as well.

Do you play on these servers? Do you want to be an admin? Join the discord at or use the links on the website!


Other Server Updates:

Gmod: ADS needs to be fixed again, normal weapons are spawning and will be removed again. Fix coming soon(tm).

CS:GO: 2 new servers are being spooled up, fixes incoming to the funmaps server soon(tm). Minigames server still plinking along.

Sven Co-op: Same as last update, the devs broke a lot of maps. Going to be left as-is for now. If you play the Sven Co-op servers and find a totally broken map, send a message on discord to MasterJesHowls or send an email to

KF2: Fixed names on Hard and Normal that have said 7 wave instead of 10 wave for the last 2 months, updated all MOTD's. All 4 servers running good!

We might be getting custom maps servers back again *hurrah*. It completely depends on whether tripwire fixed their shit yet, this is the third time they said they've fixed their steam workshop setup from destroying HDD's.

UT99: It's there, eversilent, everpresent, taking up less than %1 of a cpu core for the bots locked in eternal deathmatch.

All Servers: All servers will be updated with new MOTD's and automated messages soon(tm).



The discord giveaway is 2 weeks in, if you haven't signed up and are a existing discord member, make sure to sign up!


Website updates:

New website features are coming online, these will be silently rolled out over the next few months.

Clubs: Let members make their own sub-forums and mini communites.

Articles: Similar to articles on news websites, will be a feature available to administrators.

Blogs: I don't think we'll be using this but hey, it's there LOL. (No karen, I don't want to read 5 paragraphs about why your mashed potatoes make you think about grandmama on the farm before you give me the recipe)






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