ISMC Hotfix #2


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Big Papas|ISMC|

Reduced the bot difficulty from the extreme change earlier this week, bots should not be as BRUTAL as they were and progression should be more smooth. Will test with current bot count and increase back up after more balancing.


Made bot reaction time higher across the board

Made bots less accurate

Made bots more willing to throw grenades

Made bots more likely to lose morale if you kill their friends

Made bots more likely to see you crouched/prone up close, values still low though

Made bots less likely to see you in/through smoke

Made bots turn slower

Reduced the distance at which bots will hear player movement +

Reduced the distance at which bots detect you are an enemy


There was a ISMC mod update today that made a opfor role available with *eastern* firearms, this eliminates the purpose of having a insurgents specific server(great change, love it!). Big Lads|ISMC| is going to be renamed and converted back to a more casual shooty ISMC server in the next couple days.

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