Running UT99 on Modern Hardware


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Unreal Tournament still runs extremely well, modders have made renderers that help it run on modern hardware.

DirectX 9 // OpenGL

DirectX 10 -

Direct X 11 -

I suggest using either the DX9, OpenGL, or DX10 renderer, depending on which one runs best for you. If you are having performance issues or stutters even with high frame rates, check to make sure that your CPU efficiency feature is disabled in BIOS. These are called AMD Cool'N'Quiet or Intel Speedstep. It may also be worth disabling Freesync/Gsync to see if they are causing problems.

In addition, many servers run at a higher tickrate that when the game came out, and you may need to change your netspeed(amount of data that can be sent/recieved to server). Some servers will force this automatically, however you can open console with ~ and type "netspeed 20000" without quotes to avoid any problems.

Font and menu size can be easily fixed by going to Options->Preferences->Video-> change "Font Size" to "Double". 

There are also texture packs and mods that increase the visual fidelity of the game, however I will not go into detail on them here.

If you want to find more UT99 related content, definitely check out!

UT99 GOTY Steam:


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