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Using MSI's new(ish) added feature voltage offset, I was able to get my Ryzen 1700 non-x up to 4ghz stable and nearly eliminated vdroop at 1.35v to 1.4v, a gap of .05v which was previously a ludicrous .12v vdroop of 1.33v to 1.45v under load/at idle. I recently switched from a GTX 1080 to a Vega FE graphics card to update another pc and put the admittedly less stable vega in my computer, and was able to undervolt the card from 1.200v to .980v, increasing performance by removing thermal throttling. I was also able to get my ram to run 12-14-14-14 2933  instead of it's stock 14-16-16-16 2400.

I think I could push the graphics card harder by flashing the bios, however these results are more than satisfactory for now.


I just do this for fun, I think the amount of time I spent overclocking would have been better spent making more money to buy better pc parts... and then overclocking those parts.

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