January Updates - 1/17


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Website, Steam Page, Discord:

I have created a landing page for the website that shows the most important information.

All users on site can now use a signature with an image that 400px by 100px, with 1 link and 1 line of text.

I have updated all roles and permissions to be clear and consistant across all platforms.

I have updated all chatrooms and voice channels in discord to be more straightforward and have added a few bots.

The steam page has been updated to be up to date.

All important community links now have easy to remember subdomains:



servers.camarilla.online - Links to master server list

discord.camarilla.online - Links to discord invite

steam.camarilla.online - Links to steam page



Created master server list for all active servers.

Added 2 new vanilla KF2 servers, a Hard Server and Suicidal Server, for players to MM into. These have links to other servers. This brings the KF2 Server total up to 8, woo.

UT99 server is finally online.

CS 1.6 + CSS Servers are installed and nearly ready.

Minecraft server is installed and nearly ready.

Gmod server is installed, however still long way off.


Working on various guides to do with server hosting, will post as they are finished.

Various website related tasks in the background.


A signature, yo!

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