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Hey everyone as you probably noticed we shut down all 18 servers in late January. I didn't run out of money and the box is still paid for till June. There were just way. too. many. issues concurrently happening at once for me to be able to host anymore, and every game we hosted for has great communities that host awesome servers anyway.

We'll still be hosting "private" servers(we actually beat minecraft vanilla again back in February as an example lol)

Anyway, here's why I shut everything down:

It was too much work to maintain everything, that's literally the only reason, per-game explanation-

Insurgency: SS- Mods are installed through a third party site called, its pretty cool because you can have mods on Epic store, Steam, Origin, etc. HOWEVER the servers in the short 2 months they were up would constantly corrupt mods when the mods ran updates and it made it very hard to figure out what was going on. Is a mod broken because of a update!? Is the mod itself broken!? Did server Cvars change again!? Usually when something broke the servers would just start on a map with no gamemode set and no way to play, it made it very hard to figure out what exactly was broken with even just a couple mods.

CS:GO- No-one plays Funmaps or Minigames anymore, even though the game is F2P. I tried finding other servers, theres a couple minigames servers that get 10ish people but no funmaps/custom maps servers. In addition, valve is recoding large parts of the game for Source2 and it is breaking Sourcemods left and right unfortunately, many of them were legacy from CS:S lol.

Gmod- I did a lot of lua coding, blender 3d modeling and animating for this one, it was really fun! I'm proud of how cool I was able to make the TTT server, however development has been hot on both Gmod and TTT2 the last year and they're always changing how the lua works and breaking stuff, made it hard to keep up.

Sven Co-op- It's very cool the dev team is still working on this mod 20+ years later! However, we had a curated maplist of 100+ maps, and every update the team changes game features that break more and more maps bad enough they can't be fixed with a simple Ripent, even maps that ship with the game. It's become a thing to take large amounts of time to completely fix maps usually just host them on specific  servers as a hook to get people to play that server.

KF2- Holy shit I never want to host a Tripwire game server again. Updates would always change config files, in folders where they shouldn't be changed at all. Only the last 2 updates did not have this issue. The steam workshop integration they did for the game would single-handedly kill HDD and CPU performance on the whole server box, even after they "fixed" the issue. For the communities hosting servers with large amounts of custom content, my hat is off to you.

PS: I accidentally deleted the discord link at some point that was used on the website and I'm sure it left a LOT of players that never joined the discord very confused, woops, noticed last week, will put back up today

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