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Sven Co-op Crashes Fixed:

"Crashes" on the Sven Co-op server have been fixed. The server was set to check for client updates every 30 minutes. Unlike our other servers that use steamCMD and stay running while checking, the server would shut down every time it checked for update, and restart when it was done checking. The server has been changed to check for updates once a day at 6:30 AM, ET time.

Website HTTPS:

The website has been upgraded to full HTTPS with a Lets Encrypt SSL key. Neat.

KF2 Suicidal:

A third KF2 custom maps server has been brought online, of the Suicidal difficulty.

Everything else:

Did other website backend work, did other server work relating to Sven Co-op and Gmod. Obtained a short and easy to remember URL to use for gameservers, in the works still. soon(tm)

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