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March Updates

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CS:GO Minigames Server:

Removed following maps,

MG Freeroam, MG mario course, Salazars Castle, Golf Cobblestone, Break it

Sven Co-op Servers:

Removed following map,

Windowlicker- crashed servers

Will be adding and removing more maps soon.

KF2 Custom Servers:

Changed servers to steam workshop download, maps should download faster, and some maps should now download properly instead of not downloading. Map list has changed slightly, currently there are 92 maps, enjoy!

Map list:



UT99 Server:

People are actually playing, awesome!


Offline, needs maplist and fastDL setup

CS: 1.6:

Offline, needs maplist and fastDL setup

Minecraft Faction PvP:

Offline, not actively worked on


Offline, not actively worked on


Servers are performing great. I expect to push more updates than usual as the world slows down due to the current pandemic. Best wishes to the families of everyone affected by the pandemic, I hope for the best for you.

A signature, yo!

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