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TLDR version: With all of the other phones available and coming out right now, nah I wouldn't buy an iPhone 7.
I've owned both Windows and Android phones but never an iPhone, the price-to-power ratio compared to other phones has always put me off. That being said, take what I say with a gain of salt.
Marketing from apple is enjoyable, sleek, and sometimes "hits you in the feels" to connect you with their products, like you can be a part of something great. But that's what marketing is for, to connect with people and sell more of a product. Let's take a look at some specs from the iP7 and compare them to the Nexus 6P, which I think contends extremely well with the iP7 when it comes to price and features.
iPhone 7 Prices on the Apple Store: $649(32GB) // $749(128GB) // $849(256GB) // $769(7P 32GB) // $869(7P 128GB) // $969(7P 256GB)
The iPhone 7 has a 4.7" screen with 1334x750px,  or for the Plus a 5.5" screen with 1920x1080px inch screen. Both are IPS.
2.3 ghz 6 core, Apple's new A10 processor. 2 GB of RAM or 3 for the Plus. 4K video recording.
32, 128, or 258GB storage space.
If bought from ATT or T-Mobile, will not work on CDMA carriers.
The home button can now be used as a finger sensor.
Here is a comparable phone, the Nexus 6P which I think contends extremely well with the iP7.

6P prices from Amazon, costs more directly from Google: $449.99(32) // $548.65(64) // $599(128)
"4k" resolution(2560 x 1440) at 5.7", AMOLED screen.
2.0 ghz 8 core Qualcomm . 3GB RAM. 4k video recording.
32, 64, 128GB storage space.
Works with  ATT, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, or T-Mobile out of the box, basically any carrier you can think of. Unlocked and functional* (Doesn't work with T-Mobile and child network's 3G, otherwise everything is dandy at 2G, 3G, and 4G)
Has a dedicated finger sensor on the back.

Both have very similar builds, so it raises the question on why would you buy one over the other? Here are some arguments:
Arguments for buying and iPhone: Many of your friends will probably buy it as well. You also might want that extra CPU power, the iPhone A10 (6) Core has been benchmarking well. You might genuinely like Apple's iOS more.  You need the bigger storage space. You have lodsofmone.
Arguments for Nexus: You can potentially pay much less $ for a very comparable. "4k" screen AMOLED. Works on all carriers out-of-box. You might like Android better. You'd like a dedicated *fingering* pad. You do not have lodsofmone//want to save some mone.

Recommended Action: Wait a little longer if you're looking to buy a new phone.  The iPhone 7 is expensive, and so are it's competitors. Like PC computer parts, phone tech advances rapidly and many companies are preparing to reveal their new lineups soon. For example, Google is ending their current "Nexus" line and it's expected they will announce a new "Google" brand of phones this fall(i.e. right about now). Hello price-drops and market competition, thanks for the healthier wallet.

What I did: I switched to Google Fi for just a month to get $150 off a 5X which brought the total down to $250 for the 64GB version, which has a 5.2 inch screen with 1080p,  and still does 4k camera stuff. It stays charged for multiple days with very light usage. Stays charged for a day with light game-playing/calls/texting. If you want something with more power at a lower price, I'd recommend grabbing the Nexus 5X right now with the Google Fi. Looking for more power? Grab the beefier 6P off of Amazon, as the Fi discount apparently doesn't apply to it from google.

*: Lodsamone

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I'de say a phone that easily fights the iphone 7 is of course, the s7/edge and the LG G5

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