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World War 3

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I just bought the game on release, and it's pretty good! Right now they're having major problems with the servers, people aren't able to connect and are sitting on a loading screen for ages, up to an hour, including myself. I've only been able to play 2 matches so far, but what I played I really liked! They have a plate-carrier inspired armor system,  a good amount of customization, a unique attack/defend system, and while the game is indie, they really have the shooting and mechanics down. Since I know most people viewing the site right now are from the MOTD's and names of our current servers, I don't expect you to join the forum and post. But if you own the game and want to play a match or two, join our discord through the link to the right and send me a message :D.

I was so excited to get in matches, I forgot to record both times, but did take two screenshots after loading right before the match.


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