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Game Giveaway Update!

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Camarilla Gaming is hosting a holiday giveaway for the months of October, November, and December!

NastyStevie and I are giving out game keys to 14 winners, 3 each month(9), and 5 for Christmas to celebrate the holidays this year!

How to enter giveaway:

Join the Camarilla Gaming discord, and like the post by NastyStevie in the #game-giveaways chat to enter the raffle. Players must remain in the discord so we can add a special tag to keep track of raffle participants. Exiting the discord group removes the tag, and your raffle chance. Discord link is included below. Winners choose from a predetermined list of games. Game keys are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unlike all other keys in the list, Overwatch grants both keys so you can gift a copy to a friend. Keys marked red are only available on the final giveaway.

Discord Link(Doesn't work in Firefox, paste in discord): https://discordapp.com/invite/6JpZGNc

Link to Game List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nDbaPJXVzK1ySBgb4Bl216wn_8AkMNlDWM_-qyhA7Is/edit#gid=0

Server news:

All servers: Now have easy to remember links instead of full plain IP addresses to join with! Discord, Website, and Steam Group links updated.

More website work completed. Small stuff :).

Gmod: Added ULX including custom HTML MOTD and chat adverts. Created map rotation with modest selection. Custom weapons, player models, and slightly enhanced user interface. Additional minor QOL improvements.

Sven Co-op: Fixed stability bug that was causing server shutdowns. Map work is currently postponed, all non-vanilla maps have been removed from the server for a few weeks now. Fast-DL hurdles need to be dealt with. Potential fixes slow but in the works. On the positive side, I have already found a way to edit entities in map .bsp files . This can be used to fix/remove troll-like features on certain maps without requiring a map re-download, as the changes are server-side.

KF2: No changes, all 3 servers going strong!

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