Happy New Year!


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Happy late new year!

The Game Giveaway on discord has concluded! Here are the people who claimed games:


Thomsen has claimed Hellblade: Senua'a Sacrifice

Max has claimed Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Rhiannon has claimed We Were Here Too

Kamryn has claimed 7 Days to Die

Raoru has claimed Hollow Knight

Snowcat has claimed The Sexy Brutale

Sorrow has claimed Project Cars 2

Lifeselect has claimed Hurtworld

Flappsie has claimed The Surge

The giveaway will come back next holiday season, cheers!

Servers Status

Servers are going strong, I am thinking about getting some people together to play some CS:GO minigames or funmaps in the near future.  CS 1.6, CSS, UT99, Minecraft, and Gmod servers still sitting silently in the background not made public yet.

Games Being Played

We have been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 and Destiny 2, I started playing GW2 again recently to catch up on the story and do PvP... and wow! The DLC areas totally kill the main game and WvW is great fun. More rewards, more stuff to do, easier to get around, especially with mounts. In Destiny 2 we've been blazing a trail, got a 6 man together and progressed through a raid the other day. We have clan presence on both of these games, Camarilla Gaming [CrG] on Destiny 2 and The Naked Tree [TNT] on GW2. Send me a message on discord if you want to join!

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