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We currently have 4 Vanilla KF2 servers, join them on the Servers Page


Killing Floor 2|The Funhouse Normal 10 Wave

Killing Floor 2|The Slaughterhouse Hard 10 Wave

Killing Floor 2|Thunderdome Showdown Suicidal 10 Wave

Killing Floor 2|Nightmare Party HOE 10 Wave


How to direct connect in-game:

While in game, open the dev console with tilde "~", and type: open "IP address"

Example: open




We have 6 servers running 100+ custom community maps, and 2 vanilla servers.



Custom Servers:

If you want to join the custom servers please follow the directions on The KF2 Server Page.

Custom Normal: 

Connect to Custom Normal

Custom Hard:

Connect to Custom Hard

Custom Suicidal:

Connect to Custom Suicidal

Custom Hell On Earth: 

Connect to Custom Hell On Earth

Custom Hard #2:

Connect to Custom Hard #2

Custom Suicidal #2: 

Connect to Custom Suicidal #2


Vanilla Servers:

Vanilla Hard: 

Connect to Vanilla Hard

Vanilla Suicidal: 

Connect to Vanilla Suicidal


Server maps are now FastDL due a performance problem caused by Tripwire's Implementation of the steam workshop.



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