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Introducing the new CSS Jailbreak and GMOD TTT servers:


The Counter-Strike: Source Jailbreak has:

Last request- As the last T you can make your last request to play a minigame for your survival using !lr

Auto team balancing 1:4 CT:T, including !Guard command, request to become a guard.

Auto mute at the start of the round for the first 20 seconds for T's.

Map voting

Working FastDL


The Gmod TTT server has:

All custom weapons- Mosin Nagant rifle, AK-74n, Kiparis SMG, Mk. 14 EBR, G3A3, M1 Carbine and more!

Pointshop- Earn cosmetics through playtime, have a higher chance to become Traitor or detective, among other bonuses!

Special rounds- Deagle only headshot round, invisible traitor round, etc.!

Custom content is all hosted on steam Workshop and content is currently sitting below 400mb for a quick download.


Other server updates:

Sven Co-op servers: New maps coming within the week!

Killing Floor 2 servers: MOTD updates, server name updates.

CS:GO: Server now cycle through maps while empty, bots are no longer present on Funmaps server. New Surf+Jailbreak servers TBA.

UT99: No news here.


Community related news:

We've seen a lot of growth this last year and now that we have a good mix of servers. This last month with the expanded set of servers we saw a 4x increase in server bandwidth use and a 2x uptick in people visiting the website. This is a large milestone for us. Thanks for playing! I look forward to the rest of the year.

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